E-article April 2009

E-article untuk bulan April 2009, format file PDF.  Untuk membuka silahkan klik pada link yang sudah tersedia.

Health costs in anthroposophic therapy users: a two-year prospective cohort study download

How to limit the burden of data collection for Quality Indicators based on
medical records? The COMPAQH experience download

Identifying priorities in methodological research using ICD-9-CM and ICD-10
administrative data: Report from an international consortium download

Literacy and blood pressure – do healthcare systems influence this relationship? : A cross-sectional study download

Part-time hospitalization and stigma experiences: a study in contemporary
psychiatric hospitals download

Patient expectations of fair complaint handling in hospitals: empirical data download

Personally addressed hand-signed letters increase questionnaire response: a
meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials download

Public health the leading force of the Indonesian response to the
HIV/AIDS crisis among people who inject drugs download

The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of opportunistic screening and stepped care interventions for older hazardous alcohol users in primary care
(AESOPS) – A randomised control trial protocol download

The emotional context of self-management in chronic illness : A qualitative study of the role of health professional support in the self-management of type 2 diabetes download

Values and preferences in oral anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrilation : physicians’ and patients’ perspectives. Protocol for a two-phase study download

What do you do for a living? Toward a more succinct definition of health
services research download

Why are physicians not persuaded by scientific evidence? A grounded theory
interview study download

Assessment of Psychological and Social Factors in Adolescents Risk Behavior : Questionnaire Study download

Linkage of health and aged care service events: comparing linkage and event
selection methods download

Needs-oriented discharge planning and monitoring for high utilisers of
psychiatric services (NODPAM): Design and methods download

Quantifying morbidities by Adjusted Clinical Group system for a Taiwan
population: a nationwide analysis download

Assessment of Medical Records Services at Ministry of Health Hospitals in
Jordan download

Improving Primary Health Care by Strengthening Accountability in the Health Sector download

Technical, Occupational Health and Environmental Aspects of Metal Degreasing with Aqueous Cleaners download

Nutrition in Elderly download

Risk factors and clinical features associated with severe dengue infection in adults and children during the 2001 epidemic in Chonburi, Thailand download

Sociology of health care decision :  Exploration at a public hospital dispensing traditional medicine in Bangladesh download

Human Resources in Decentralized Health Systems in Indonesia: Challenges for Equity download

A spatial statistical approach to malaria mapping download


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