E-article Februari 2009

E-article untuk bulan Februari 2009, format file PDF. Untuk membuka silahkan klik pada link yang sudah tersedia.

A prospective, Multi-method, Multi-disciplinary, Multi-level, Collaborative,
Social-Organisational Design for Researching Health Sector Accreditation download

An Analysis of Patient House Calls in the Area of Attica, Greece  download

Benchmarking and Reducing Length of Stay in Dutch Hospitals  download

Cost-utility of a Visiting Service for Older Widowed Individuals : Randomised Trial  download

Empowering Primary Care Workers to Improve Health Services : Results From Mozambique’s Leadership and Management Development Program download

A Measurement Model of Child Health : Latent Variables Approach  download

A Spatial Statistical Approach to Malaria Mapping  download

An Evaluation of the Occupational Health Risks to Workers in a Hazardous Incinerator  download

Characteristics and Outcome of Patients With Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Requiring Intensive Care  download

Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Traits in Adult Women With Eating Disorders : Defining A Broader Eating Disordes Penothype  download

Coexistence of SocialInequalities in Undernutrition and Obesity in Preschool Children : Population Based Cross Sectional Study  download

Contribution of  ‘noncore’ Foods and Beverages To the Energy Intake and Weight Status of Australian Children  download

Design Issues in Non Inferiority/ Equivalence Trials  download

Eating Disorders: Prevention Is Worth Every Ounce  download

Ecological Effects in Multi-Level Studies  download

Effect of Supplementary Feeding on the Prevention of Mild-to-Moderate Wasting in Conditions of Endemic Malnutrition in Guatemala  download

Enhancement of Social Participation : Developing Bio-Ethical Analysis Skills Among Youth  download

Gender and Tuberculosis : A Comparison of Prevalence Surveys With Notification Data to Explore Sex Differences in Case Detection  download

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