Daftar E-article Desember 2008 :

>> A cluster-randomized educational intervention to reduce inappropriate prescription patterns for elderly patients in general practice – The Prescription Peer Academic Detailing download

>> Gender differences in health care use among the elderly population in areas of Norway and Finland. A cross-sectional analysis based on the HUNT Study and the FINRISK Senior Survey download

>> Two years of psycho geriatric consultations in a nursing home: reasons for referral compared to psychiatrists’ Assessment download

>> Service utilization in community health centers in China: a comparison analysis with local hospitals download

>> Dengue Prevention and 35 Years of Vector Control in Singapore download

>> Regulatory and Development Issues in the Demonstration of Theurapeutic Equivalence for Multisource Biotech-Derived Pharmaceuticals download

>> Parents Are Key Players in the Prevention and Treatment of Weight-related Problems download

>> Multilevel modeling and malaria: a new method for an old disease download

>> Public Health Preparedness : Evolution Or Revolution? download

>> Experiences of abortion: a narrative review of qualitative studies download

2 thoughts on “E-article

  1. Trims Bu Winda dan kawan-kawan di Perpus, e-artikelnya di up date terus ya…. Sukses

    Bagus, mahasiswa

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